How to Keep Running in Winter Months

Winter Running pic

Winter Running

Aetna’s executive director of human resources Tanya Taupier balances her demanding career, family life, and varied hobbies. When she finds time away from work, Tanya Taupier improves her body and mind through meditation, cross-training, and running.

For many people, running is rewarding all year long, but running can require a little extra motivation during cold winter months. As the weather begins to cool down once again, consider the following running tips to keep you going strong.

Try to run during the lightest and warmest parts of the day. Your body needs sunshine, and midday sun will help stave off the cold. Dressing appropriately can keep you warm as well. You will probably want to wear long sleeves and gloves, but do not overdress. Dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer outside than it really is.

Even if temperatures are pleasant, make sure you take extra time to warm up and cool down during the winter. Your muscles will be colder, and your circulation will need a little help to start moving faster. Toss your running clothes into a warm dryer for a few minutes before a run to warm you up quickly.

Most importantly, be extra careful as you run. Watch out for ice, and remember that hard surfaces will be even harder in cold weather. Shorten your stride, keep your feet low, and focus on form for an injury-free winter.

Phantom of the Opera’s Ali Ewoldt Makes History While Repeating It

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera


Tanya Taupier works as the executive director of Aetna’s human resources department in Hartford, Connecticut. When she is not working, Tanya Taupier enjoys Broadway musicals, with The Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérables being two of her favorites. Recently, Filipino actress Ali Ewoldt became the first woman of color cast as Phantom’s Christine Daaé, the love story’s leading lady.

With InStyle calling her debut worthy of a standing ovation, Ewoldt said she was honored to be cast in the role and hopes it helps open the door to further diversity on the street sometimes referred to as The Great White Way. The actress’s first Broadway role was as Cosette in another classic, Les Misérables.

Ali Ewoldt’s story mirrors that of another history-making Filipino actress, Lea Salonga. In 1993, the Tony Award-winner became the first Asian woman to play Eponine in Les Mis. Salonga later went on to star in many other musicals, release her own albums, and sing in multiple Disney movies before making the move to television. In 2007, she returned to Les Misérables to play the role of Fantine.

As a child, Ali Ewoldt remembers seeing Lea Salonga perform her historic role. Now she hopes she can inspire other young actresses the way Salonga inspired her.