History of Les Miserables

Les Miserables pic

Les Miserables
Image: hfebooks.com

Consultant and human resource director Tanya Taupier enjoys musical theater, particularly Broadway shows. One of the musicals of which Tanya Taupier is most fond is Les Miserables, which is set during the French revolution and retells the story of a Victor Hugo novel with several songs.

Les Miserables was first performed in 1985 at the Barbican Theatre in London. The first performance, attended primarily by critics, led to many bad reviews, though some critics defended the piece. The public, however, embraced the new musical warmly, attending in droves despite the mediocre reviews. The response to the musical was so strong that it was able to run for 18 years at London’s Palace Theatre, before transferring to the Queen’s Theatre, where it has continued to run.

Its success has been bolstered many times through new performances and interpretations. The play crossed the ocean, moving to New York’s Broadway stages in 1987, and earned a film adaptation. A strong performance of a song from the musical on British television led to further renewed interest, and the play has become almost synonymous with musical theater in general.