Yankees Pitcher CC Sabathia Speaks about His Future in the Game

Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia

Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia


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Though Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia has had a rocky few years dealing with injury and personal issues, the southpaw-pitching veteran says he is not ready to quit baseball, telling Sports Illustrated, “They’ll have to tear the jersey off my back.” In the same interview, the 36-year-old player said he still has at least a couple more years in him.

Sabathia’s MLB career started in Cleveland, where he debuted with the Indians in the 2001 season. Sabathia moved to the Yankees during the 2008-2009 off season, and helped the team beat the Phillies in 2009’s World Series. During the 2016 season, Sabathia had an ERA of 4.02, the pitcher’s best record since the 2012 season.

After both Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez retired at the end of last season, Sabathia said he wants to play as long as he can. In an interview with The Record, he assured fans that “as long as I’m healthy and feeling good, I want to play.”