Integrating Operations in Mergers and Acquisitions


Mergers and Acquisitions pic

Mergers and Acquisitions

A respected presence in the human resources sphere, Tanya Taupier engages with Aetna in Connecticut as vice president. Among Tanya Taupier’s competencies is the complex process of integrating disparate workforces and corporate cultures following mergers and acquisitions.

Integrating an acquired business begins with taking a close look at the unique objectives of the acquisition itself. In cases where competencies are closely aligned, compliance and functional issues may take precedence, with a focus on retraining all employees of the merged entity to support existing procedures. Accelerating value-creating activities through building momentum within an already well-defined system is the priority.

In situations involving emerging and disruptive technologies, the value presented by the merger may involve harnessing differing entrepreneurial thinking and innovation capacities. In these cases, processes and corporate culture dynamics that have been essential to success in the acquired company may be preserved until key development milestones have been cleared. A key to successful integration is continually monitoring processes within integrated entities, and ensuring an optimal mix of autonomy and workforce integration.


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