How to Attract Top Generation Z Talent


Tanya Taupier

Tanya Taupier

Tanya Taupier has amassed a wealth of experience guiding the human resources teams of companies such as UnitedHealth Group. Now the vice president of human resources at Aetna in Hartford, Connecticut, Tanya Taupier supervises various aspects of employment for the insurance company.

The first batch of Generation Z (people born between 1995 and 2010) is now graduating college and entering the workforce. However, many employers may not be positioned to attract the top talent from this generation.

A recent survey by the World’s Most Attractive Employers polled 300,000 students around the globe to find what they wanted and what was important to them post-graduation. What researchers found was interesting:

33 percent of Gen Z fear they won’t get a job that allows them to grow professionally, and only 38 percent believe college is adequately preparing them to join the workforce. Employers offering continued learning opportunities such as tuition repayment and on-the-job training are better positioned to attract talent from this young pool.

50 percent of Gen Z are interested in starting their own companies. However, they are also attracted to stability. This means many will first enter the workforce and later start their own businesses. Employers who offer startup school programs or intrapreneur workshops will be very attractive to this group.

83 percent of Gen Z are open to being contacted by companies through social media. Companies that digitize their recruitment efforts are better placed to attract top young talent.