Prosci Solutions – Change Management Training


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Currently serving as vice president of human resources for Aetna in Hartford, Connecticut, Tanya Taupier is responsible for providing consulting services to business leaders and organizations. As a professional businesswoman, Tanya Taupier has received training in several human resources management programs, including being trained in change management at Prosci Solutions.

Started in 1994, Prosci began as a way to provide more effective project management and technical solutions by training employees in better business procedures. Prosci features several business programs to help train professionals, using webinars, research programs, and the thought leadership library. Among the business programs, Prosci includes training in change management.

Change Management training helps business leaders with the steps necessary to effectively lead employees through changes in company policies and procedures. The program helps professionals understand how to guide employees through the changes by providing support and preparing them to adapt to the changes. The change management program happens in three phases: enterprise change management capability, organizational/initiative change management, and individual change management.